And so it begins!

14 Feb

Equipped with chocolate, a bottle of wine and our jar full of fun tasks, we decided to make the most of the last half hour of Valentine’s, despite the cheesiness 🙂

We rolled the dice to see who was to open the first task, and Mr. Man won. He picked a note, read it, acted cool and dropped it into the other jar. And immediately I was DYING to know what was on it! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


An idea just hit me..

14 Feb

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting in bed killing time on the internet like any other day, and Mr. Man is lying next to me on his own computer doing whatever it is that he does. I am fully aware of the fact that neither of us are into the whole Hallmark Valentine’s thing… but we both also claim to be ridiculous romantics, regardless of what day in the year it is. Yet, 2 years down relationship-road, despite regularly telling each other we love them, despite loving the fact that we automatically put on a movie and eat dinner on the couch before falling asleep every night, despite knowing that this is the father of my future children – we too are human, and we too have hit that bump. We fall into habits and things start to get boring. But, I think to myself, I’m in love! I don’t want to be bored! I want to be in love! We have spoken over and over again about doing fun things, different things, so as to not fall into a rut; to remind ourselves of why we have chosen to spend our lives with each other.

And suddenly an idea hit me.

I grab a few sheets of paper, cut them into smaller pieces, place them in the middle of the kitchen-table next to a glass jar, and put a pen on each side of the table. I call him into the kitchen and tell him the deal.

We are going to write 50 fun things we’d like to do on these pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into the jar. Every Sunday one of us grabs a paper at random, reads it quietly, and has one week to complete the task. Noone is to disclose what they read on their paper – unless they absolutely have to, and then they are to do it in the very last minute!

The first 20 ideas came pretty quickly from both of us, and then it started getting hard haha… I have no idea what he wrote on his papers, but on mine I have everything from little tiny things we can do for each other here at home, to big things that we have been talking about doing for ages but never gotten round to actually doing. Sitting on opposite sides of the table, sneaking glances at each other, laughing quietly to ourselves as we come up with brilliant ideas – that in itself was pretty fun!

We now have 50 random ideas sitting in a jar on the living room table, waiting to happen. This is going to be one crazy ride! I can’t wait for the next 50 weeks to happen and see where it’ll take us 🙂